Remote Iritrack V3 (1m cable) - BIKE/QUAD

Item reference: APR4083
Iritrack V3 extension in a reduced format, allowing to save space on your bike.
Must be wired to the Iritrack!
Category: Bike/Quad
Used for: Iritrack V3

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Item reference: APR4083

Iritrack V3 Remote (1m cable) - BIKE/QUAD
The remote is an extension of the Iritrack in a reduced format allowing more possibilities in the installation of your vehicle. The remote box retransmits the Iritrack functions: Screen, LED, alert buttons, microphone.
Please note that the remote box is necessarily wired to the Iritrack, it does not replace it.

Category: Motorbike/Quad

Used for: Iritrack V3


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