Video Case Study: During the trekking challenge ‘Trek Elles Marchent’, Marlink’s managed services assured the safety of the race with customised tracking services and turnkey satellite communications.


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    ‘Trek Elles Marchent’, a women-only trekking race, takes place each Spring in the Moroccan desert. More than 50 teams of four women walk 100km in four days. As a solidary event for the benefit of the local population, the association ‘Les Défis du Coeur’ (the Challenges of the Heart) and the trekkers contribute actively to the development of the local communities.

    Tracking and monitored surveillance

    Marlink’s Smalltrack solution acted as the trekkers’ lifeline to ensure their safety during the race, as no GPS equipment or telephony is allowed. The competitors were tracked in real-time via satellite and monitored by Marlink operators, who followed every step of the trekkers on a customised tracking platform at the Operational Centre.


    In case of emergency, the trekkers could use the Smalltrack device to send SOS alerts to the race HQ. Rescue missions could be communicated immediately to the medical teams following the trekkers in the desert to ensure prompt medical assistance.


    VSAT services for Internet Access

    Throughout the event, satellite communications were deployed to enable Internet connection. Being without terrestrial coverage in the desert,

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    Oslo / Paris, 6 February 2018: The organisers of the annual Morocco Desert Challenge (MDC) rally raid have signed a three-year deal with satellite services and solutions provider Marlink for the provision of tracking and race management services based on the integrated Iritrack technology platform.


    Iritrack is a sophisticated satellite-based tracking and security system providing reliable two-way data and voice communications in a single device. It will be installed on nearly 200 competitor cars, trucks, buggies, motorbikes and quads for the 10th edition of the Morocco Desert Challenge, which takes place 14-22 April 2018, and will also be used in subsequent editions.


    The system offers a unique combination of tracking functions and safety sensors in addition to an integrated satellite telephone. By simply pushing one button participants can contact the emergency centre of the rally directly, without first switching on a device and dialling a number, as with a traditional satellite phone.


    With Iritrack, the organisers are also able to directly contact competitors even when they are racing. In addition, built-in sensors automatically inform race control when a vehicle is overturned or stationary due to an incident, supporting faster and more effective intervention. Iritrack also features manual panic buttons configurable by the user, to be used in emergency situations or for identification.


    Marlink will deliver and manage the course technology infrastructure for the MDC, with supply of the unique monitoring tool, Iriviewer Software Suite, which manages the Iritrack network to provide accurate liv

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    New device delivers highly accurate tracking of people and assets anywhere in the world 


    Marlink has launched Smalltrack, a next generation location-based tracking device. Featuring a new, compact and lightweight design, Smalltrack is a highly accurate mobile solution with user-friendly operation and installation. Operating on the Iridium satellite network, Smalltrack can be used in any location without connecting to external power or antenna sources. The device can be online in minutes, conveniently providing accurate tracking of personnel, equipment and vehicles anywhere in the world. 


     With embedded battery and antennas, Smalltrack can operate on a single charge for a minimum of one week, with the ability to use external power and antennas if required. With manual rescue buttons, automatic alarms based on embedded shock sensors and geo-fencing functions, Smalltrack improves safety and protection for workers and assets in remote environments while enhancing reliable situational awareness for remote operations.


    Smalltrack comes with a web-based monitoring and management platform designed for ease of use and to provide deep control of users, devices and data. The system features high configuration flexibility for the tracking of air and ground assets, offering customisable modes and geo-fencing options to suit the specific requirements of diverse users such as sports events organisers, NGO and Humanitarian organizations or authorities, in addition to maritime use including small fishing and leisure craft. Smalltrack is also useful for light aircraft operators, where the system does not need to be included in pre-flight checks. 


     “Smalltrack enhances Marlink’s portfolio of proprietary tracking and safety solutions, which also includes Iri

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     Fully managed technology and services support logistics and safety for women’s desert rally


    Marlink, the global business critical communication solutions specialist previously operating as Airbus Defence and Space, has signed a long-term contract with French event organizer Maienga for another five years. The agreement made through Marlink’s dedicated ‘Events’ team covers provision of turnkey communication and tracking services for Maienga’s ‘Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles’, a 100% women-only off-road rally with more than 120 teams from 30 countries competing. 


     Taking place in March every year, the rally transits 2,500 km in six legs across the Western Sahara Desert in Morocco, making reliable satellite and radio communication services a top priority for both logistics and safety. Marlink supports Maienga to provide a wide range of technology and services for Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles event staff, media, and competitor vehicles. Marlink has provided communication services for the rally for 25 years.


    Marlink’s responsibility as the turnkey communications provider for Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is far-reaching. Its field engineers ensure the smooth functioning of all communication services deployed in the field, with Marlink satellite links used to enable Internet access for the organisers and media working in the camps. Marlink satellite connectivity is used to provide VoIP services at the rally control center and to offer recreational services to the competitors, enabling them to call home. 


    Marlink also provides airborne radio networks for audio communications between field staff and the local control center. Two helicopters cover each leg transmitting duplex radio communications to fixed terrestrial relay stations. Organisational vehicles used by i.e. medi

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