Video Case Study: During the trekking challenge ‘Trek Elles Marchent’, Marlink’s managed services assured the safety of the race with customised tracking services and turnkey satellite communications.


Check out the Video Case Study here! [English] / [French]


‘Trek Elles Marchent’, a women-only trekking race, takes place each Spring in the Moroccan desert. More than 50 teams of four women walk 100km in four days. As a solidary event for the benefit of the local population, the association ‘Les Défis du Coeur’ (the Challenges of the Heart) and the trekkers contribute actively to the development of the local communities.

Tracking and monitored surveillance

Marlink’s Smalltrack solution acted as the trekkers’ lifeline to ensure their safety during the race, as no GPS equipment or telephony is allowed. The competitors were tracked in real-time via satellite and monitored by Marlink operators, who followed every step of the trekkers on a customised tracking platform at the Operational Centre.


In case of emergency, the trekkers could use the Smalltrack device to send SOS alerts to the race HQ. Rescue missions could be communicated immediately to the medical teams following the trekkers in the desert to ensure prompt medical assistance.


VSAT services for Internet Access

Throughout the event, satellite communications were deployed to enable Internet connection. Being without terrestrial coverage in the desert, the satellite links connected the organisation with the outside world, allowing them to feed the website and communicate on their social media channels with real-time news.


Public online tracking platform on event website

To keep fans and supporters informed about the real-time positions of each team, Marlink also provides the public online tracking platform available on the event website.


Read the organisers article about Marlink’s mission on Trek Elles Marchent [here] (French).